Thursday 23 August 2012

A Bit of a warning

To all those who read this for interesting pieces of software to use. I have a sad announcement I just bought a new phone or to be more specific an old phone. The Sony Ericsson p1i to be exact , much better than the IPhones and Androids of it's day and in my opinion still better at some things. (Hand writing recognition and UI) This means that I may end up writing a quite a bit of software which you won't be able to use, sorry. Unless of course you have a Symbian phone or I use a more cross platform development platform.

Currently the platforms I'm looking into are:

  • SDL/C++ 
    • My God they ported SDL to everything
  • UIQ3/C++ 
    • Probably not going to use this unless I can find a way of making use of the UIQ 2 OpenQub GUI builder
  • Java ME (Midlets)
  • HTML/JavaScript
    • This will be interesting as I will only be able to use a fraction of the API that I'm used to having
  • PhoneGap
    • Apparently early versions of this can run on UIQ
  • PyUIQ
    • Looks good for prototyping but not sure if it will be very useful
  • QT/C++
    • Basically QT only relies on the core part of the Symbian OS that both UIQ and S60 symbian phones have in common. So if I get it compiling I should be able to jump into QT creator and develop a nice QT app. Albeit with an older version of QT.
  • Emulators
    • The P1i has an impressive display of emulators which can all be developed for
      • Sega Mega Drive
      • Game Boy
      • Dos
      • C64
    • Obviously some of these aren't practical but then again some might be.
Anyway maybe something useful for others will come out of the server side stuff or there's a couple of people who still love UIQ devices out there who will see this post.

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