Sunday 23 March 2014

SailBus Dublin

Just a quick post to announce I've released an app for the new Jolla smart-phone. "SailBus Dublin" is a bus tracking app for Dublin city based off the National Transport Authority's new Real Time Information System(RTPI) API.

Screen Shot of SailBus Dublin
It is free and open source, the code is available on github and bitbucket. I'll probably write a post in the future about how it all works but for the moment I'll just  list a few of the features and say a big thank  you to the National Transport Authority and Dublinked for giving me API access.

  • Realtime information about bus arriving to stops
  • Route information i.e. stops on a route
  • Stop Location
I'll be adding plenty more features at a later date but this should give user the basic functionality they need from an app such as this.