Sunday 11 March 2012

I'm in the Android Market

So I finally got off my back side and paid google to put a few of my apps in the Android Market or Google Play or what ever the hell they change the name to next. I have made a few minor update to Kings app and a big update not so much in code but in features to the Jupiter Broadcasting app.

The Jupiter Broadcasting app will now stream not just the audio stream but the video stream as well. This will only work on devices that have the codecs to support the stream so sorry if it doesn't work for you. Also, and this should be obvious but you never know,  it probably won't work over 3g ie. you connection needs to be fast enough to support the stream.

Also if you have installed these apps from my apks before you may want to uninstall them before getting them from the market. I signed them with a different key. So android will probably yell at you when you try and get it from the market.

Anyway here is the links to the market :
Jupiter Broadcasting
Kings App

And here is the updated source
Jupiter Broadcasting
Kings App

Lets say they are BSD licensed for the moment ie. do whatever you want with the code. If anyone wants to contribute anything back let me know and I'll setup a repo on google code or github.


  1. I'd love to see this available on Google TV. I believe the most frequent things in the manifest that would prevent it from showing up in the Play Store for GTV would be fine grained location data or requires a touch screen. I may try side loading and let you know if it works, but maybe just remove the touch screen requirement?

    1. I'll remove the touch screen requirement in the next release or I can send you an apk with it removed so you can try it for your self. I use xbmc on my raspberry pi to watch jb on my tv. I don't plan to get google tv anytime soon which means I don't have a development device so can't really support it all that well.